STD rates alarming at Ramu mine site


A HEALTH worker at Basamuk near the new nickel mine has revealed that the number of sexually transmitted infections in this mining area is increasing at an alarming rate.

Lynette Dawo, who is the HIV/AIDS co-ordinator at Basamuk, said many of those affected were married women.

She said while some had contracted the STI’s through prostitution with the workers, others had gotten it as a result of being raped as the place was now flooded with people from all walks of life and from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds.

“The workers including the Chinese are going into the villages with cash and openly asking the women there to have sex with them in exchange for their lousy money.

“Some men are marrying the local women just so that they can benefit from all the mining activities that are happening at Basamuk. It is no laughing matter anymore,” Ms Dawo said.

She also claims the clinic in the area was being manned by a person who was not a trained health worker and it was also out of medical supplies. She said while she and others were doing their best to try to educate everybody in the area through their awareness programs of the risks they were putting themselves into by having unprotected sex, especially with multiple partners, these efforts were falling on deaf ears


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One response to “STD rates alarming at Ramu mine site

  1. Fidel Bisang

    It is very sad to hear this news. It is a tragedy. This silent minority have to suffer because of the money manipulated and unwise decision by our government without considering the social impacts which gonna affect human life.

    Would the government do anything about this or turn deaf hear to this increasing STD cases?

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