Who would pay in PNG – not BP!

Adapted from an article by PAUL OATES

It’s a big worry

The US President has just sent the clean up bill for the current disastrous oil spill to BP. Apparently it’s BP’s responsibility to pay even though they were given permission to drill in US waters.

So if, as is likely, given the results of the Papua New Guinea government’s own environmental impact study and similar examples elsewhere (e.g New Caledonia), there is an environmental disaster from the Ramu nickel mine pumping millions of tons of toxic waste into the pristine sea off Madang, who would be held responsible?

Who could be sued by those who may end up poisoned and hungry when their marine food stocks are destroyed?

Who could wind up being responsible if the overland tailings pipe ruptures and spills toxic waste over farming ground and people’s crops?

Clearly the owners of the Ramu mine would say that they were operating under the approved permit issued by the PNG government. Clearly the PNG government would also say that they were not to blame as the new Environment Act says they CANNOT be sued.

So who would end up holding the parcel?

The landowners – that is who!



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4 responses to “Who would pay in PNG – not BP!

  1. top watch

    NA Government will pay. MRA is about money. Ramu mine is about money. James Wanjik warned the Government but the Government shot the messenger. Killing MRA will kill NA Government. Landowners will win by taking MRA on. Best regards to all.

  2. Basumuk Land Owners

    Why is Mr. Wanjik the “Former” rather than the “Current” Secretary?
    Mr. Wanjik used to be the “Secretary” but some say he was less than competent, that he HAD to be removed form his employ within the Department of Mines, least the entire Department completely collapse.
    That is, apparently, the sad truth.
    After that he has manifest what some might not unreasonably regard as an ADJUSTMENT DISORDER to his dismissal.
    When Mr. Wanjik was the Secretary of the former Department of Mines the industry was unregulated and in a shambles.
    That’s apparently why Mr. Wanjiks mind requires him to blurt out in public his hate MRA.
    He sees MRA as the cause of his illness, and that MRA and not himself has the potential to do that which he always thought he could do, but could never do.
    As a consequence he blames MRA for his own failings, this is quite normal for persons suffering from an ADJUSTMENT DISORDER.

  3. top watch

    Were questions about Wanjik raised in court over DSTP? Law on Wanjik removal is not an issue here. Very soon MRA will know it is a culprit. Wanjik is a professional keeping landowners informed of truth. Many leaders and people know Wanjik as a professional. MRA stooges will know when all is laid bare. Please stick to the issue i.e. MRA is the cause of Ramu mine’s weak legal position. Losers do not stick to issue at hand. Kids play marbles. Adults play ball. Wanjik play ball. What do MRA stooges play? Marbles. Yes, marbles. No way for marbles playing MRA stooges to win ball game. Very soon verdict will be known and MRA stooges will die in shame. Keep up the great professional work of informing and educating leaders and people Wanjik. Wanjik, lawyer of PNG, too good. God be his judge. God bless Wanjik and all good people of PNG.

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