Justice Minister, Ano Pala, a total hypocrite

Justice Minister and Attorney General, Ano Pala, is a showing himself to be a complete hypocrite and something of a fool with his handling of the controversial Environment Act amendments.

First Pala threatened landowners and the media that they would be in contempt of court if they publicly discussed the amendments but then he sent government lawyer Lawrence Kalinoe and Environment Secretary Wari Iamo onto talk back radio to defend the changes and announced a government roadshow would be touring the country to conduct awareness on the new law!

Now he has invited more ridicule by announcing that NGOs who want to challenge the Environment Act amendments will be prevented from using foreign lawyers (see Post Courier story below). Pala seems ignorant of the fact that in the Ramu nickel mine case that sparked the government’s changes to the Environment Act its is THE GOVERNMENT who has been wasting tax payers money on expensive FOREIGN LAWYERS while the landowners rely on local counsel.

In the latest Supreme Court hearing on the Ramu nickel mine injunctions the role call of lawyers went like this:

  • Appearing for the Mineral Resources Authority (a State entity) was Brisbane Barrister Greg Egan
  • Appearing for the Department of Environment and Conservation and the Independent State of Papua New Guinea was Brisbane Barrister Ian Molloy.
  • Appearing for Ramu Nico was Charles Scerri QC from Melbourne
  • Appearing for the landowners was Tiffany Nonggorr from Mount Hagen and Ray William from Port Moresby

It seems the Minister for Justice either has no idea what he is talking about or he believes it is one law for him and the government and another for the rest of the population.


Pala plans to thwart hire of foreign lawyers


JUSTICE Minister and Attorney-General Ano Pala says he can use his statutory powers to thwart attempts by overseas lawyers to act for NGOs in their court action against the amended Environment Act of 2010.
He made this known in a press statement yesterday when warning the media against publishing any advertorial or press statements by individuals concerning the validity of the Environment (Amendment) Act 2010.
Recently a coalition of non-government organisations (NGOs) consulted a prominent Australian law firm Slater and Gordon on the recent amendments to the Environmental Act with the intention of engaging their services to challenge the validity of the law in PNG courts.
The Australian law firm was instrumental in successfully prosecuting BHP over the Ok Tedi mine waste management system.
Minister Pala in his statement said “I also do not mind NGOs seeking legal advice overseas but I must remind them that the law to be applied is Papua New Guinea law and not Australian law. Additionally, I have a statutory duty under the Lawyers Act to protect the legal professionals in this country and am not obliged to go registering any lawyer from Australia to appear in any case in Papua New Guinea at the whims of any NGOs, whether local or foreign.”
He said in his warning to the two daily newspapers that “When you issue statements you can refer to the case and the validity of the Environment (Amendment) Act, but you cannot state emphatically that the law is unconstitutional. To do so will be in contempt of the court. And, the court has a right and power, on its own motion, to take action to punish anyone for this offence under Section 160(2) of the Constitution. You must therefore know that for all intents and purposes, this law is not unconstitutional unless and until the Supreme Court says it is unconstitutional.
“I have been briefed by my lawyer on this matter. The documentation is supposed to be completed by October 5, and the matter, subject to the workload of the Supreme Court, should be listed for hearing during the Supreme Court week in late October,” said Mr Pala.



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8 responses to “Justice Minister, Ano Pala, a total hypocrite

  1. madang watcher

    A good review of this is on the way. Madang leader will be shocked to know that Ano Pala is a bad Minister for Justice. His bad open member will now realise that he is a fool. Lust for miners money is not in national interest. Money blinds. Puka Temu is controlling Ano Pala and Pala is controlling Waigani lawyers. Enemies of Madang people are leaders with vast ego. No more lies Amet please. Use your skills as a former Chief Justice to help people. Least you can do is tell Pala to back off.

  2. deb chapman

    excellent information…thanks again RNmine watch. ya doin’ a great job!!

  3. Is Ano Pala trying to impress the PM? He seemed very excited and even vowed to work very closely with the PM when he was first appointed and look what he is doing now. Here is the very best of classic examples of puppets who are just like dogs in a leash, you let go they charge forward, bite and come back without a moments pause to consider the consequences. One comes to wonder how IDIOTS like him get appointed to public offices.

  4. Jo

    Ano Pala sounds like a he must be high or on crack and has completely lost the plot. He should actually record himself and press replay to hear himself talk. Doubt he’ll realise how much of a dumb fool he sounds…. just like all other members of the PNG government…


  5. Lizz

    tenkyu tru for pointing out the irony and self-contradictory nature of the events. keep up the good work!

  6. watchman

    I’d be very much surprised if Ano Pala’s political career survives another term in Parliament. His farcical attempts to manipulate and suppress meaningful debate in PNG are disgraceful and are a true reflection of where his loyalty lies when our people’s livelihoods are threatened. His statements have no basis in law and should be treated with the contempt they deserve. Denying someone their constitutional right to a fair hearing by refusing them legal representation is a clear abuse of ministerial power. How and where the Rai coast plaintiffs get their legal representation is a matter for them. Rather than taking shortcuts by abusing and re-writing our laws, the Govt needs to address the issues on the merits.

  7. Tru Blut Rigo

    Ano thinks he owns all of Rigo, now that he bought himself Road Equipment and is shareholder of Rigo money. So what are you as a Rigoan thinking about development? Stop sleeping Rigo Natudia! Wake up! Stand up and fight for Rigo Money. Keapara, Alukuni and Karawa road is being done good again and again, are they the only people in Rigo? C’mon Rigoans, what is KAK to all of Rigo Inland, Rigo Central and Rigo Coast? His son and the so-called First Secretary are manipulating him and all of a sudden he is acting like a Dictator! Get Lost! See you in 2012 – don’t cross Rigo…

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