Yali claims he was acting on behalf of the government

Convicted rapist, James Yali, claims he was acting on instructions from the government when he tried to track down prominent human rights lawyer Tiffany Nonggorr in her hotel room on Monday night.

Nonggorr is the lawyer for a group of landowners challenging the construction of a marine mine waste dumping system for the Chinese owned Ramu nickel mine in Madang Province. Commissioning of the mine is currently on hold because of a court injunction obtained by the landowners.

On Monday night Yali interrogated and threatened hotel staff in an attempt to find which room Nonggorr was staying in so he could confront her about the mine issue.

Yali has now stated in interviews with journalists and meetings with landowners  he was acting on behalf of the National Government and was assigned the task of tracking down and confronting Nonggorr by local MP, James Gau.

Yali could be in trouble with the courts as a result of his actions as hotel staff say he was clearly drunk when he confronted them which is a breach of his parole conditions which include not drinking alcohol.

Yali is also in fear of retribution from relatives of the hotel staff he threatened and Ms Nonggorr.



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4 responses to “Yali claims he was acting on behalf of the government

  1. Fed up

    excellent!! can the hotel staff please lay an official complaint to enable the process of justice to take its course? send that criminal back to where he belongs and rort there.

    stupid little convicted rapists like james yali must stay right away from very important matters such as this.

  2. Mangi Simbu

    What a dick het. It clearly shows the desperation of certain people to send a half-tard like this after an honourable lady like Tiff.

  3. Fed up

    so rapist yali has finally admitted that grand thief sadang michael somare is behind all these intimidation. the masters pull the strings from peking, sadang jumps, gau jumps and they use a convicted raspist as their punching bag.

    stop the nonsense sadang! you won’t get anywhere. simply tell your bosses in peking to spend a few more yuan to establish a proper waste management system and you will have your project.

  4. Poreni Umau

    Crooks will always be crooks. James Yali has joined the ranks with the Government and the MCC as partners in crime. James Gau has also joined in. Why cannot the who lot of them get investigated and prosecuted? Mrs Nongorr is a very respectable woman for such idiots like Yali and co to approach in such disrespective, criminialstic and immature manner. Send these bunc of gutless whimps into Jail, I say.

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