Minister assaulted by Chinese mine company employees

Papua New Guinea Agriculture Minister, John Hickey, was assaulted by two employees of Chinese mining company MCC, owner of the Ramu nickel mine, at Madang airport last Saturday.

Hickey was at the airport awaiting the arrival of Agriculture Secretary, Anton Benjamin, when two Chinese men, one dressed in an MCC uniform,  purposely and aggressively bumped into him from behind and the side.

Neither man stopped or offered any apology.

The assault was witnesses by John Bivi, the Provincial government’s mine liaison officer, who confronted the two men and suggested they apologize to the Minister. He was ignored and the men drove off in their vehicle.

Minister Hickey tried to avoid any confrontation at the airport because he was worried local by-standers might attack the two Chinese, but he has now laid a formal complaint with Madang police.

Witnesses to the assault have confirmed the two Chinese work for MCC and one is regularly seen in local shops and businesses paying MCC accounts.

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