COURT UPDATE: Injunctions lifted – Ramu mine can dump waste in the ocean

Madang, 4.30pm

The National Court sitting in Madang has lifted the injunction stopping the construction of the marine waste dumping system for the Ramu nickel mine.

The Court has also refused an application from Rai Coast landowner Louis Medaing to continue the legal action against the marine waste dumping system that was abandoned by the three original plaintiffs this week.

While still opposed to the marine dumping of 100 million tons of mine waste into their seas, the original plaintiffs said they were abandoning their court challenge because of the conflict the case was causing in their community and fears for their safety.

Chinese mine owner, MCC, and its Australian partner, Highlands Pacific had threatened to sue Local Level Governments in PNG if the marine dumping system was ruled out by the courts.

MCC and Highlands Pacific will now face criticism for the tactics they used to undermine the court case which would have determined whether the mine’s environmental permit was lawful. Those tactics have included legal threats, physical intimidation and bribes.


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2 responses to “COURT UPDATE: Injunctions lifted – Ramu mine can dump waste in the ocean

  1. watchman

    a most predictable outcome. i suppose the truth will reveal itself eventually.

  2. meri png

    well…thats the courts decision. what’s the people of Raikos and Madangs? PNG? are we going let them dump 100 million tonnes of toxic waste into the sea?

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