BREAKING NEWS: Ramu mine agrees new halt on waste dumping

The owners of the Ramu nickel mine in Papua New Guinea, MCC and Highlands Pacific, have agreed to give a legal undertaking to put a new halt on their marine waste dumping plans until a court hearing on 15 October.

An application by Louis Medaing and his clans for another injunction to stop the blasting of coral and the construction of the waste pipeline was listed for hearing tomorrow, 1 October.

But the mine owners have requested an adjournment to allow them more time to prepare and have agreed to give a legal undertaking that they will not blast coral, construct the mine waste disposal system nor discharge anything until the hearing of the injunction application which will be on 15 October.

Any breach of the undertaking would be a contempt of Court.

This means the construction of the marine waste dumping system is once again on hold and the court will decide on 15 October whether to extend that further.


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2 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Ramu mine agrees new halt on waste dumping

  1. madang watcher

    Cat and mouse game is a known strategy. Madang people will not win without taking on MRA. Any injunction must include stopping MRA from regulating Ramu mine for want of legal standing and competence. Over to you all in Madang and PNG.

  2. Kepas Wali

    Is that you again Wanjik, still babbling on……and now you are saying “stop regulation of the Mining Industry”
    Quick, get the straight jacket…………….

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