MP slams government over Ramu nickel mine

MP Beldon Namah has published full-page advertisements in both national newspapers in Papua New Guinea slamming the government over the Environment Act amendments and its preferential treatment of the Ramu nickel mine, which he says will deliver nothing in government revenues.

Namah says he is convinced that the Somare Government does not consider the interests of local people or the country to be of any importance.

Increasingly, decisions that negatively affect every citizen are being made by this Government that are justified because they say they are in the ‘National Interest’.  In fact, these decisions are only in the interest of the political elite and the robber companies that the Somare Government is now attracting to steal from Papua New Guinea’s resources

The full text of Namah’s advertisement can be read here



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15 responses to “MP slams government over Ramu nickel mine

  1. Fed up

    at last a member of parliament had the guts to stand up for PNG.

    well done Namah! wokim samting stret stret na yumi stap. rausim ol displa giaman lo blong bagarapim busgraun na solwara blong mipla. na kickim hass blong husait ol sadang stap baksait long displa ol giaman pasin nambaut.

  2. Matt Clarke

    This is what happens when a government with shocking poor human rights record and a corrupt one. When is the international community going to wake-up to this issue and start pressuring the PNG (and Chinese) governments to do the right thing by the PNG people.

  3. madang watcher

    MADANG people must be cautious about leaders’ motives.
    Now we hear of Belden Namah championing the cause of people. He was a cabinet Minister in the Somare- Temu government.
    Rumour has it that Namah wanted Treasury and Finance Ministry failiing which he bolted with Puka Temu.
    Masking his motive behind ‘national interest’ Namah thinks people are stupid.
    Envy is a sin. Namah was a National Alliance Minister for Forest. This industry is riddled with corruption.
    Is it true that during his tenure Forestry Act 1991 was amended to make approvals of forest projects easier?
    Ramu mine is way above forestry in probity.
    What is at the core of controversy at Ramu mine is that it is unregulated.
    Why? His former party leader wanted Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) to be a counterfeit. He surrendered contracting powers to a weak relative of his who ran amok.
    MRA and the Environment (Amendment) Act 2010 are the results of money mad leaders from Namah’s former and present political parties.
    Sorry Namah for good try at Waigani high office but with bad motive behind ‘national interest’.
    PNG does not need leaders without light of truth and wisdom of God gifted to them by God.
    Keep Madang people out of politiics of leadership and power of position and might of money business.
    God bless people of Madang and PNG.

    • Peter Warwick

      Well said madang watcher.

      There is nothing worse in this world than a reformed smoker, drinker, murderer and adulterer.

      They were happy to weave their way when they were on a high, then they see the light, but we are expected to believe them when they pronounce themselves “reformed, pure and clean”.

      I am not suggesting we should condemn them for the remaineder of their lives, just simply ignore them for 10 years to see if the reformation has worked and is sincere.

      Namah is out in the cold right now, and needs an issue to get him back in the warm. He is now fully “reformed” (some months after the sins were committed) and will lead us to the promised land !!

  4. Fed up

    fair comments madang watcher and Peter Warwick.

    i for one am not privy to Namah’s dealings and am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. what warms my heart is that at least someone is prepared to give the issues as raised the significance/notoriety they deserve by speaking out from those levels.

    • Peter Warwick

      I agree fed up that Namah should be heard, and possibly given a fair go (at best the benefit of the doubt)

      He may well be speaking on important issues. I do hope he is sincere and just not capitalising on a sensitive issue for his own benefit and propulsion.

      Call me cynical, but there have been better men that Namah who have manipulated an issue for their own benefit. Where was he when the issue was in court ? Did we hear him ?

      • Peter Warwick

        Just to finish off.

        There are many people who will test the breeze, and see which way it is blowing. Once they see a good breeze forming, you cant stop them.

        The real test is those who were at the barricades from day one.

      • Tanirau

        My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

  5. madang watcher

    Popularity leadership of Sir Mekere is weak. He is using Belden Namah for his own popularity.
    For instance, the Post Courier ran a story on Namah taking over leadership of PNG Party but chose to showcase Sir Mekere’s CV. We are not naïve to see reality from marketing gimmickry.

  6. Poreni umau

    Tru Namah concern or giaman propaganda nabaut? Publicity stunt, way too late Namah?where were you all this time?

    • j kross

      Poreni hit the nail on the head. Many still cannot grasp the fact Namah seizes the moment to ride into election victory on public opinion to ressurect a dormant PNG Party. There’s a game called politics that plays on fears and hopes. Publicity stunt! Well placed comment.

  7. warren

    big man, politic, politician, father, grandfather, how will they explain the toxic mud, that was once madang, to the children of the future, how will they hide in the mud when there children ask the questions, how did you let this happen?

  8. watchman

    Obviously anyone associated with NA has to be treated with suspicion, including Temu and Namah. But one of the positives that comes out of this is that the issues are finally getting the scrutiny they deserve at the political level. Too many leaders have danced to the tune of Somare and his friends, accepting what has been spoon fed by the old man for so long. I truly hope that Namah is being sincere about his opposition to DSTP and that he is joined by other leaders. Much of what he says in his press release makes sense but he has got to follow through with solid action. It’s in the public interest that these issues are debated on both sides of the political arena. Up till now the fight has been fought in the courts and at the grass roots level but has never been fought politically. It’s that level of debate that the public really deserves but has missed out on. Regardless of Namah’s motives, he has highlighted some valid points that are an indictment on the project.

    • Fed up

      “Regardless of Namah’s motives, he has highlighted some valid points that are an indictment on the project.” i agree watchman.

      if we start shooting them (politicians) down, only Christ will be left to voice our concerns at the political level. i will give Namah the benefit of the doubt and encourage him to speak out on important national issues at that level.

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