Timetable set for Environment Act challenge

The Supreme Court challenge questioning the constitutional validity of the May 2010 amendments to the Environment Act is to be ready for hearing by May 2 next year.

The legal timetable for the steps to be taken leading to the trial were set down on Monday by Justice Don Sawong in a hearing attended by lawyer Ray William of Nonnggorr William Lawyers on behalf of his client, the referrer Belden Namah, MP for Vanimo Green.

Mr William told the court that his clients case is based on the fact that the amendments allow mining companies to get away with causing harm to the environment
and gives the Director for the Department for Enviroment and Conservation absolute power to grant environmental approvals without any rights of review.

Justice Sawong has ordered anyone who wishes to join the case to file their affidavits by February next year and the parties to file their agreed facts and disputed facts by March of next year and have the reference book filed by April so the matter is ready for trial by May 2nd.


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One response to “Timetable set for Environment Act challenge

  1. Tyler Marco

    I’m deeply honoured to hear and see that our MPs like Honourable Belden Namah and Sam Basil are fearlessly standing up for the rights of our people and on issues that the current government, the worst corrupt government in the history of this Country try to bulldoze through without proper debate and rights of review.
    If our small country is well managed in a very very transparent and accountable manner, putting the interests of the people ahead of their self interests, I undoubtedly believe PNG should be the first fully developed black country in this world.
    I salute the courageous stand by these few MPs who are willing to lay down their lives for this country.
    I’m shocked to see that our educated population seem to be very ignorant of whats going on due to lack of understanding on some of these most critical and compelling issues ever, which even a villager knows that its bad for the country.
    Certainly, we will regret if we let our so-called corrupt “Grand Cheif” run this country like a family business with coercive power directing his employees (Kitchen Canbinet) according to his own wishes.

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