Is Ken MacDonald telling porky pies about the Ramu mine?

Ken MacDonald, Chairman of Highlands Pacific, which holds a stake in the controversial Ramu nickel mine in Papua New Guinea, has been telling what could be porky pies (lies) about the mines marine waste dumping plans.

Ken MacDonald

The mine waste will “not be toxic” he says in a radio interview.


That would be truly amazing!

Ramu nickel could be the first mine of its type anywhere in the world not to have poisonous chemicals in its tailings?

But what about the arsenic, ammonia and heavy metals, Mr MacDonald?

And surely, just the 5 million tons per year, of what you describe as “essentially mud”, will be pretty toxic for what ever poor organisms it lands on top of?

MacDonald also claims the majority of landowners in Madang support the mine and its marine waste dumping plans

Really Mr MacDonald?

How do you know that?

Has Highlands Pacific identified who the genuine landowners are? No

Has Highlands Pacific ensured their free informed prior consent to the mine and its marine waste dumping? No!

Mr MacDonald should stop treating us like the dumb-asses he clearly thinks we are!

Listen to Mr MacDonald and his claims


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3 responses to “Is Ken MacDonald telling porky pies about the Ramu mine?

  1. Peter Bosip

    The shareholders of Highlands Pacific should know that their money will be use to poison and destroys rural people’s livelihood. The profit that will benefit them is the “blood-money” and they should either withdraw their shares or ask Highlands Pacific to look for alternate dumping avenues.

    Mr. McDonald is totally lying to the shareholders and the public about the real problem the DSTP will cause. Perhaps, it is imperative that the shareholders should demand the company to tell the truth about it’s business operations.

    For all you shareholders out there, 99.99% of Papua New Guineans are against the DSTP proposal as it poses a huge threat to our livelihood; especially the coastal and marine communities.

    So think! You will profit from the “BLOOD MONEY”…Is that morally right to treat your fellow human being?

    • Jack Alphen

      You got it right Peter. Enough of this stuff. Why don’t these people come over and use the “mud” water. Not toxic – my ass!!!!!

  2. Alan Rangotha

    These guys think they can say anything. Not toxic – who the hell are trying to convince Mr. MacDonald. I’m getting more and more angry with these guys I’m telling us. STOP THIS S**T NOW!!!!! Not toxic – good – bring your family over to use the river and sea.

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