Wissink’s claims about Hidden Valley mine quite absurd

Hidden Valley mine General Manager, David Wissink, has gone on the record with the almost Orwellian claim that his mine “places a high value on responsible environmental stewardship”.

David Wissink

Really Mr Wissink?

If your mine and its owners, Newcrest and Harmony Gold, place a high value on responsible environmental stewardship why is the Watut river suffering from sedimentation and toxic pollution problems?

Did you ensure the construction of stable waste dumps using fresh rock during the mine construction as promised in your Environmental Plan?

When you had to remove higher levels of overburden than had been expected did you ensure it was properly and safely stored before carrying on?

Is it true you failed to construct the two retaining dams promised in your Environmental Plan to stop runoff into the river system?

Come on Mr Wissink, haven’t the landowners got it right when they say “your attitude was to get into production as soon as possible to contain costs rather than remedying the dumping and erosion problems”?

No-one, just no-one, is going to be fooled by fancy rhetoric, Mr Wissink, while the evidence is clear that the mine has caused serious environmental problems.


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4 responses to “Wissink’s claims about Hidden Valley mine quite absurd

  1. Joseph Ninoia

    I know you people on this site know what’s going on and I saw you referred to it a couple days ago. Let me focus on this – MMJV – yes through Mr. Wissink, were sending their people our having villagers sign BLANK stat decs. They were paying them shit to do this. When the spotlight came on them they upped the ante a bit. This is exactly what the miners did in Pogera and OK Tedi. An old trick – Wissink been around – no doubt why he got this job – and thought he could pull the same trick. I have no doubt that yesterday’s press release was also nonsense. Waiting for Sam Basil to set us straight. Keep going after these guys. As you say no one is that stupid to believe what Wissink put out. It’s the 21st century Mr. Wissink – not everyone are kananaks anymore.

  2. warren

    kananaks have some morals, please , he is just a shit …..

  3. MMJV – This is a well worn path, used by all the multinationals with their neo-colonialist attitude. ” All that these locals want is money, money money, so give them a bit of lollipop and you will have their backing”. BHP did that in Western Province.
    Many of what is happening in PNG mineral and oil/gas exploitation is more than a conspiracy. Quoting from book called “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” – ‘Members of a conspiracy can be rooted out and brought to justice. This system, however, is fueled by something far more dangerous than conspiracy. It is driven not by a small band of men but by a concept that has become accepted as gospel: the idea that all economic growth
    benefits humankind and that the greater the growth, the more widespread the benefits. This belief also has a corollary: that those people who excel at stoking the fires of economic growth should be exalted and rewarded, while those born at the fringes are available for exploitation.
    The concept is, of course, erroneous. We know that in many countries economic growth benefits only a small portion of the population and may in fact result in increasingly desperate circumstances for the majority. This effect is reinforced by the corollary belief that the captains of
    industry who drive this system should enjoy a special status, a belief that is the root of many of our current problems and is perhaps also the reason why conspiracy theories abound. When men and women are rewarded for greed, greed becomes a corrupting motivator. When we equate the gluttonous consumption of the earth’s resources with a status approaching sainthood, when we teach our children to emulate people who live unbalanced lives, and when we define huge sections of the population as subservient to an elite minority, we ask for trouble. And we get it’.

    This is just some food for thought – Where is PNG heading?

  4. Painim Aut Gut Pastaim

    Interesting post. I’ve been away for a while and just getting around to reading this. I’ve been around the industry for many years in PNG and have known Wissink never to lie about anything. In fact he’s one of the straightest people I’ve met.

    The parties – all of them – must have their wires crossed somewhere. Best for everyone to get around the table and hammer it out like adults.

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