Ramu mine cheerleader sent to jail for 12 months

David Tigavu, Chairman of the Kurumbukari Landowner Association, and one of the most vocal supporters of the Ramu nickel mine in Madang, has been sentenced to 12 months jail after being convicted on three counts of contempt of court.

The charges related to threats made by Tigavu in September against the landowner plaintiffs and their lawyers in the on-going dispute over the Ramu mine’s marine waste dumping plans

Tigavu was found guilty of threatening and inciting violence against parties to on-going court proceedings; threatening and abusing lawyers involved in the proceedings; and, threatening and abusing persons who may be witnesses.

Tigavu’s jailing could have a major impact on the commissioning of the Ramu nickel mine as he is the leading figure among the clans from the mine site.

The mining company, Ramu NiCo and two of its employees are also facing contempt charges over threats to the plaintiff’s. Their case will be heard in February.


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7 responses to “Ramu mine cheerleader sent to jail for 12 months

  1. James Serenti

    This is great news. With our political system totally corrupt we have only to look to the courts. Should they fail us we are doomed. Keep up the fight you all. I admire your courage as I know what these NA types are all about. They’ve sold our country to the Chinese and don’t give a damn about any of us.

  2. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year David! I hope James Yali & your Chinese financiers join you soon.
    Also, now that God has put you on the sideline abit the Land Titles Commission can go about recognising the legitimate KBK Landowners without your interference and intimidation.
    This is a blessing in disguise for the true KBK Landowners. O, by the way – Truth always wins in the end!

  3. Painim Aut Gut Pastaim

    Yes Bege, you are correct…the Truth will always come out in the end!

  4. kaiyee

    David deserves this treatment. Law should also clamped down to pin the sea piracy man Emil and the kidnaper James rapist Yali.
    Kaiyee Astrolabe Bay

  5. William F Butler

    David Tigavu made the threats to the Plaintiffs lawyer after a meeting between the AG, Minister for Mines John Pundari, a legal advisor from Sydney working with Pundari and the Chinese, and another who all agreed to get a “consultant” (Oh, that would not be David Tigavu would it?) to do the job on the Plaintioffs lawyer.
    Sick em rex……………..

    • Get the facts right..................................

      Yes, it was John Pundari , the then AG “Gold Watch” and the Sydney lawyer advising on “stratagies” for the Chinese who planned and agreed in that meeting to get David Tingavu to do their criminal dirty work.
      That agreement is an appalling indictment on all concerned but was made with the full knowledge of Somare senior.
      The consultant was announced at that meeting by the AG.
      These guys are all criminals and should have all been investigated.

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