Ramu mine waste dumping trial – Update #3

998 further landowners join as additional plaintiffs

As the trial of the plaintiff’s application for a permanent injunction to stop the dumping of 100 million tons of mine waste into their seas continues into its second day, Justice Cannings has given a decision allowing 998 further landowners to join the case as additional plaintiff’s.

This means there are now well over 1,000 landowners from all along the coast of Madang Province and a number of in-shore islands who are seeking to stop the marine dumping of mine waste by the Ramu nickel mine owners, Chinese State enterprise MCC and Australian based Highlands Pacific.


Filed under Environmental impact, Human rights, Papua New Guinea

2 responses to “Ramu mine waste dumping trial – Update #3

  1. Yes! Absolutely fantastic to have my fears allayed, and see a broader plaintiff base. When campaigning it is important not to put all your “eggs in one basket”. gb

  2. Patricia

    Once our resources are extracted what are the environmental social, and cultural consequences and impact the ramu nickle will leave behind for our fututre generations to appreciate and keep or maintain our cultural and traditional identity..Hence, all be destroyed by the greed and love of money and we (PNGuineans) will suffer as we will turn back to the very land that is now degraded for sustainable livelihoods. Thus, nothing will be left we may cause poverty in our own soil..

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