Ramu mine has massive sulphuric acid plant

The processing plant for the Ramu nickel mine at Basamuk Bay in Papua New Guinea includes a sulphuric acid production unit that will produce a huge 3,350 tonnes of  98.5% pure sulphuric acid every day during the life of the mine.

The acid will be used in the high pressure acid leach, lime boil and solvent extraction stages within the refinery.

The acid production plant will be fed with 360,000 tonnes of sulphur per annum which will be bulk shipped to the processing plant.

Local landowners have recently been warned to stay out of the sea around the refinery site due to a chemical spill last week. They have also been told not to eat any food from the sea and not to do any fishing. Fish and other marine life are an important part of the diet for local people who rely on a traditional lifestyle.

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