Controversial DEC Secretary waits for new contract

The employment contract of controversial Secretary for the Department of Environment and Conservation, Wari Iamo, expired on 15 March and has not yet been renewed.

Iamo is a controversial figure, frequently accused of being too close to the mining and logging industries in Papua New Guinea.

Iamo has been cricised for his role in approving numerous illegal and unsustainable logging permits as a member of the National Forest Board, and in 2005 the Ombudsman Commission recommended his removal.

Iamo has also been accused of financial mismanagement [1] including failing to manage various trust accounts properly, misusing donor funds and failing to acquit Departmental travel allowances.

In 2002, a scam was revealed involving the Maggi Seafood restaurant in Port Moresby where DEC spent more than K150,000 in less than 9 months.

It is believed that the receipts were used for ‘double-dipping’ in which the restaurant was really paid less than the invoiced amount, with the balance being returned to OEC staff. This was exposed in a television documentary, and also in local newspapers but when his Minister tried to initiate disciplinary proceeding against Iamo, the Minister was sacked by the Prime Minister, Michael Somare.


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One response to “Controversial DEC Secretary waits for new contract

  1. j kross

    Now’s the time for Dr. Wari Iamo’s critics, to stop the nastiness in this blog, apply for and get his job and show us how it’s done. Any takers?

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