Landowner company signs up for crusher


THE people of Nauti village, who are one of the three principal landowner groups in the Hidden valley gold mine in the Morobe Province, have leased a crusher to the mine for ore processing at the mine site.
A signing ceremony was held in Lae to formalise the deal which saw the Nauti people’s owned company Hamata Limited sign the contract for the new crusher with the landowner umbrella company NKW Limited and Morobe Mining Joint Venture (MMJV) representatives.

The K 12 million crusher is now in operation.
Hamata Limited is a company formed by the Ekuta Clan who are original landowners of the Hidden Valley land.
The contract is for 36 months and can be extended after a review at the end of the initial contract period.

The crusher contract is a major landowner participation contracts for the Hidden valley mine and the shareholders of Hamata Limited were reminded by the chairman of the NAKUWI Association Rex Maori to let company management run the business to ensure benefits come to all landowners.

Mr Maori told the Nauti people to work with MMJV to bringing benefits to their village, saying a win for the Nauti people is a win for all three landowner groups – the Nauti, Kwembu and Winima people. 
All three villages are shareholders of their umbrella landowner company NKW Limited which already is involved in several spin-off benefit contracts for the mine.

*Spotted in the Post Courier

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