Mining Act must change

By Heart pain citizen, NIP 

Resource laws must change and I don’t care about others because this is the attitude the government has been using on ordinary resource landowners and indigenous people of this country “the don’t care attitude”. 
I believed, it is time now you eat your own pride and taste your own medicine because in your own conscious mind, you know laws are not benefiting the local landowners yet you are using parliamentary privilege to continue to accommodate your own selfishness in Waigani and your foreign alien friends.

If the mining provinces are not represented well in ministries, departmental head positions and State entities management, then who are you to boss our resource money.
PNG, let’s move now and support New Ireland and Western Province governors, the Conrad Bill, the autonomous system and all other relevant submissions that are ready for implementation and a change is 200% supported.

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Filed under Environmental impact, Financial returns, Human rights, Papua New Guinea

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