Is the environment important or not?

By weso@amot.barike

Supporting D. Iyampon’s letter in the Post Courier (24/01/11), I would like to also share my opinion. Firstly I don’t know why we (New Guinea Islands) are so quiet about the current granting of mining lease to Nautilus. It is sad to hear our very own people being so happy about royalties and employment opportunities. This shows clearly that we do not care about the environmental impacts the undersea mining could bring about.

Remember that this is the first of its kind in the world therefore we can not really predict the environmental impacts.
What I’m really worried about is the environment. We can enjoy the benefits today but what about the future. And if our seas will be contaminated, where will you go fishing and what will happen to our beautiful reefs, etc…

Let’s not be greedy and short sighted. We can rely on tests, scientists’ findings and assurances from the company but remember, no one can ever control nature. 
The government has granted the lease maybe because it is afraid of legal action if it tries to stop the company at this stage.

What about us (NGIs), are we just going to sit and wait to see the result and complain or are we gonna do something. Just a little concern from me but if you do not agree with the above, then just wait and see “ONLY TIME WILL TELL.”


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4 responses to “Is the environment important or not?

  1. j kross

    Weso, the environment is very important until environmentalism, the virus, enters the scene and screws up everyone.

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