Panguna mine ‘is for all Bougainvilleans’

The Jabez movement of Bougainville

THE Panguna mine is for all Bougainvilleans and not only for Panguna landowners. Before it opens, wider consultations must be done on to seek public views or opinions. This is to avoid self-centered ideas from a few people only.

Secondly, the mining power must be in the hands of ABG before the reopening. We fought for land rights and finally for Independence. Any reason for opening of the mine must comply with the Bougainvilleans demand.

Mr President and Mr Bougainville Affairs Minister, when you talk about reopening the mine, we also want you to talk about referendum and Independence as well. Make sure you fully implement the Bougainville Peace Agreement on weapons disposal plan, autonomy and referendum.

As for referendum, like former President James Tanis, carry out review in preparation for referendum. We want to see effective progress on the referendum issue starting this year 2011.

We salute you two for a job well done so far.


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2 responses to “Panguna mine ‘is for all Bougainvilleans’

  1. I am one of the ladies who come from the mining List areas of Panguna but I dont not know anything about these issues. Thankyou very much that I found your website and signed that I am now knowing that such issues are going on……..!!!!!

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