Panguna meeting ends with signing

By Aloysius Laukai

ANGELA KAVARUI President of Panguna Women's Federation signing the Joint Resolution

The weeklong Panguna Stakeholders meeting ended Friday with the group signing a Resolution on the Progress of Peace and Unity for the people of Panguna (see text below).

Mr. Pariu in his closing remarks said that the people of Panguna are united to move forward with the ABG to develop Panguna and Bougainville as a whole.


1. The Autonomous Bougainville Government, the People of Panguna; the Meekamui Government, the Meekamui Government of Unity, the Panguna Mine Landowners, the Women In Mining Affected Area, the Bougainville Women’s Federation, the Ex-Combatants, the Meekamui Defence Force, the Council of Elders, Council of Chiefs, the Panguna District Administration, the Buka based Panguna Elites, and the Constituency Members of Ioro, Bolave, Lato, Eivo/Torau, Torokina, Baba, and thereafter referred to as the “PARTIES” having met at Hahela YC Conference Hall for the first time from 4th – 8th July 2011 acknowledged and appreciated;

a) Each other’s individual and collective peace building efforts, the Autonomous Bougainville Government, AUSAID SPSN Programme, the Catholic Diocese of Bougainville and the Facilitators for their support and commitment in the overall Peace-building Process and more specifically for convening the Week-long Hahela Consensus Building Workshop.

2. The Parties had deliberations and reached a general consensus;

a) To strive to work in partnership through a participatory and consultative process to resolve the Panguna conflict including addressing issue of compensation and achieve Peace, Development and Security.

b) To seek the relevant support of the Autonomous Bougainville Government to pursue the Panguna Peace and Development Process towards a Culture of Peace and Prosperity.

c) To recognize and reaffirm all formal resolutions including; Panguna Communiqué, Tunuru Resolution, Panguna (Ex-Combatants/MDF) Resolution, Buka Meekamui MOU ( 2009), and further agree that a review process shall be undertaken to align and mainstream these resolutions and agree and resolve;

i. To strengthen and empower the established peace-building and development initiatives that include the Meekamui Unification Process, the Panguna Mine Landowner Process, the Ex-Combatant & Meekamui Defence Force Process, the review and strengthening process of the Panguna District Administration and Local Governance, the establishment of the Panguna Police Station and all other economic developments and social services, programs and projects;

ii. To explore an inclusive Management and Coordination Options that is appropriate to the aspirations of the people of Panguna in partnership with the current political, administration and development partners to implement peace-building and development initiatives.

iii. In the interim the Ministry for Natural Resources to take lead in maintaining constant consultation with stakeholders and resource personnel in Panguna (and throughout Bougainville) and inform on process to date.

iv. To request and receive Funding from the Autonomous Bougainville Government, the Government of Papua New Guinea and Development Partners including AUSAID for the continuation of ongoing peace-building activities and to implement other formalized programmes and projects.

d) The above clauses (i, ii & iii) will commence within three months as of the date of the signing of this understanding.

3. The Parties certify that the Panguna Stakeholders’ Hahela Understanding is a true record of the general understanding arising from their Hahela Consensus Building Workshop and that amendment, omissions and any changes are restricted to the Parties in a formal Meeting convened for such.

4. Signed this day, Friday 08th July 2011 at YC Conference Hall, Hahela Catholic Mission Station of Buka District, Autonomous Region of Bougainville.


Panguna Stakeholders

William Mungta Benedict Ienu Noah Doko
Meekamui Government Meekamui Government of Unity Meekamui Defence Force

Boniface Arunara Martin Musimuko Angela Kabarui
Ex-Combatants Council of Elders Womens’ Representative

Tony Pungpara Paul Lundoi Albert Kaliana
Coastal Corridor LOA Fish Owners’ Association Lower Tailings LOA

Paul Tabuio Michael Parui Francis Kabarui
Middle Tailings LOA Upper Tailings LOA Special Mining Lease LOA

Peter Miriona Theresa Jaingtong Jude Genu
Port-Mine-Access LOA Arawa Siokate LOA Uruawa LOA

Scholly Meuka Dr. Cyril Imako Blaise Iruinu
Women in Mining Panguna Buka Based Elites Council of Chiefs

ABG Constituency Members;

Hon. M Oni Hon. M Dare Hon. S Suako
Ioro Eivo/Torau Torokina

Hon. L Uakai Hon. W Lawabua Hon. W Silamai
Bolave Lato Baba

ABG Administration

Mr. Lawrence Disin
Chief Administrator

Witnessed By:
Hon. Newton Kauva
Minister for Peace and Reconciliations


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One response to “Panguna meeting ends with signing

  1. Philip Rondamin

    A whole of of hype about nothing! Sorry Rio Tinto, sorry China – it’s not what you want or think its going to be.

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