Mining Minister visits Nautilus in Brisbane

Papua New Guinea’s Mining Minister, John Pundari, has expressed satisfaction over the progress of the Solwara 1 deep-sea mining project during a visit to the Nautilus office in Brisbane, Australia last week.

“I am particularly pleased to learn of the technology that Nautilus is implementing – the technology that is being adapted from machinery already in use in the oil and gas industry and in offshore diamond mining.
That gives me great confidence”.

Pundari told Nautilus chief executive officer Steve Roger that the PNG government was fully committed to supporting the project as indicated through its decision to acquire a 30%  stake in the world’s first deep sea mining project.

“It is my intention to make an announcement on the fulfillment of the government’s commitment in the next few weeks”


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2 responses to “Mining Minister visits Nautilus in Brisbane

  1. Wesley Lokotoiya

    Yes, all the good minister has to do now is cancel the construction of a hospital and a few schools and divert that money into a mining project………..uriperdies……

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