PNG’s Mining Minister welcomes Ramu court decision

Papua New Guinea’s Mining Minister, John Pundari, has taken out full page newspaper advertisements welcoming the decision of the National Court that the Ramu nickel mine can proceed with plans to dump millions of tons of toxic tailings into the sea.

But the Minister has studiously avoided mentioning the court findings that the government, in allowing the waste dumping, has breached its duty of trust and the Constitution or that dumping will cause environmental harm and there is a real danger of an environmental catastrophe that could threaten the lives of thousands of people.



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8 responses to “PNG’s Mining Minister welcomes Ramu court decision

  1. Wesley Lokotoiya

    The Honeralble Minister really needs to take a good look in the mirror.
    This matter has not resolved in any satisfactory way.
    Its a lose – lose outcome in reality because there is still a dispute which is escalating daily.
    You have to be kidding John.

  2. Fox Nation

    I really don’t see the necessity for the minister in opening the governments hands in welcoming the courts decision of MCC dumping waste using the DSTP system. Open your eyes minister and humble your pride for there are better ways to settle such matters. The minister should know well that who is at risk the most and what side he should be supporting.

    Both economic and human development are important but think about, what is really more important money development or human lives and the environment that will be destroyed forever. I’m sure we know all know what is more important and what right steps should be taken.

    Be a wise leader who listens to his heart and not his ears.

    Fox Nation
    United We Must Stand

  3. Wesley Lokotoiya

    Fox, my sentiments also.
    This can in no way be regarded as a victory for the State.

  4. Although I am annoyed by this news,I am comforted by the fact that I am certain the mine will eventually be closed down due to it not being economically viable ,once nickel prices fall below $20,000 due to over supply caused by too many nickel mines coming online.

    There is a system for negotiating mining contracts that is developing and I sense that how PNG privileges the mining industries will inform the response of the other smaller PICs to this new investment onslaught.
    The linked article references PNGs APEC’s investment guidelines to mining.

  6. wesely

    Can’t trust APEC

  7. Bill Jenkins

    Why not have a look at the Hidden Valley tailings storage facility if you’re not happy with DSTP?

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