Pregnant mum gunned down at Tolokuma mine

Central police are investigating the death of a Sepik woman gunned down last Saturday by criminals at the Tolokuma gold mine, reports the Post Courier.

Jacinta Rony, 36, was six months pregnant at the time of her death. She was a supervisor with IPI Catering, the catering company of the Tolukuma gold mine.
She was shot on Saturday afternoon by criminals at the mine site as she was carrying the day’s takings from the company’s canteen to the office.

Angry relatives from Num-boruon village, Yangoru, said yesterday the mine’s owner, Petromin, has not been able to furnish full details of the attack on Rony.
Family spokesman and Air Niugini pilot Captain Joseph Kumasi said Petromin was duty-bound to inform relatives about the circumstances surrounding the death.

They were interested to know why there were no adequate security at the mine site in recent months, adding that the mine recently embarked on a cost-cutting exercise which resulted in security cutbacks.
This is unforgiveable, says Kumasi, adding that the relatives were told by Rony’s close friends that the criminals had cut through the security fence to carry out the crime in broad daylight, as she was closing up leaving with the day’s takings.

Police have arrested one suspect.


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3 responses to “Pregnant mum gunned down at Tolokuma mine

  1. Mercia George

    Male should be aware of female working with them in the mine area, please take note that women is our mothers, sisters o wives working to help families in many ways and yet there is always angry people standing at the side watching our loving wives, mothers o sisters struggling to look after us

  2. Tom Pauling

    What sort of degenerate society is there in PNG when things like this happen?

  3. Such a shame that our society has turned out as it is. This is a wake up call to petromin , safety of workers should be a priority from such hooligans.

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