Environmental impacts of Frieda mine worry local MP

Telefomin MP Peter Iwei is concerned about the environmental impact on the people of the Sepik River from the Frieda gold and copper mine development reports The National.

Iwei said in parliament  the environmental disaster at Ok Tedi mine in Western was an example of multinational corporations having no regard for PNG laws.

He told Environment and Conservation Minister Thompson Harokaqveh that the Fly River was once PNG’s greatest river catchment system but “this great river is now dead”.

“Given the experience of the Ok Tedi environmental damage, can the minister confirm whether the developer of the Frieda mine has advanced work on the feasibility studies?”

Iwei queried what the developer was considering in terms of shipment of mine ore and waste management and disposal.

“I am informed that the developer of Frieda gold and copper mine is looking at options of using the Sepik River for its operations.

“Have we not learnt our lessons from Ok Tedi?” Iwei asked.

“Can the minister tell this house and the people of Papua New Guinea whether the company has considered other options for discharge of its wastes and shipment of its products other than using the Sepik River?”

Harokaqveh said there was a feasibility study and, in the next five months, an environment impact report would be done.

He said the government was addressing the environment issues seriously as it impacted the live of the people.


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