Fijian’s oppose greedy miners

From Ricardo Morris via the Namorong Report 

Something you won’t see in Fiji’s mainstream media … On December 14, 2011, the people of Namosi staged a quiet protest against the proposed mining project on their land at Waisoi.

Representatives from Namosi Joint Venture (NJV) [led by Newcrest Mining] turned up for a meeting with the villagers in the area where the landowners are worried about the potential environmental effects and the loss of mataqali (landowning unit) lands. The project is in the environmental impact assessment stage.

While the men sat in the hall with representatives of NJV, the women and children sat outside holding banners calling for their land to be left alone. Witnesses say some women where crying as they sat outside.

The villagers appear to want the developers to slow down and not make hasty decisions regarding the project, but the regime is keen for companies to start mining.

Reports and photographs on the December 14 meeting have been censored by the Fiji government.



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4 responses to “Fijian’s oppose greedy miners

  1. JUDY

    How absurd can Governments be,especially those who are run by evil money hungry black leaders.Just because majority of the population is uneducated or semi educated, the governments of the day bascially ignore the oppostion by the folks on the land in question and just run through the process or produres so they can get their filty hands on the deals they have done with the companies.Not a thought about the Environment devastation and other repercussions that flow on from their hasty deals with the companies.Narrow minded brainless subhumans these so called black leaders..leaders only to hoard for themselves.

    • Wesely

      Melanesian ‘leaders’ are undoubtedly the most corrupt and incompetent in the world.
      They have demonstrated this incapacity time and time again in the decaying remnants of the administrations that were left to them by colonial regimes.
      There is absolutely no comparison between the degenerate incompetent corrupt dysfunctional blob like governance systems in Melanesian nations such as PNG and those in developed democracies as in Australia.
      In Australia Land Owners are treated with respect and their legal rights observed throughout all stages of exploration and mining.
      The Melanesian states have a lot to learn for nations like Australia about respecting Land Owners as legitimate stake holders

  2. This is the reality and the challenge of balancing national interest and landowner aspirations.
    The landowners as the report stated are reluctantly agreeing but not fully to the Mining proposal. The landowners need time to clarify and ascertain their fears and reservations.
    On the other side,the Govt is forecasting a definite FJ$2bn boost to the economy.
    After being faced with stagnant economic growth,the Govt is all out to see the project thru as it will be a big boost in stablising the economy.
    The challenge remains:
    National Interest Vs Landowner Aspiration
    Under the current Mining Act,the Minister of Lands can only upgrade an SPL into a Mining Lease for mining purpose after all compliance of the SPL conditions and satisfactory Agreement on compensation quantum. The EIA is covered under EMA and is an additional requirement and Mining
    proper can’t start without its appvl.
    The negotiation between the parties must enable the landowners to have satisfactory answers from both Govt and NJV on their fears and concerns. Only and until all the landowners queries,fears and concerns are cleared than the landowners are than well able to agree to the mining.
    From the report it seems that the landowners fears and concerns hadn’t be satisfactorily answered.
    The Mining Act issues an SPL but doesn’t necessarily mean it can transit into a Mining Lease. The Act mandated prior landowner satisfaction and agreed compensatory quantum.
    Under Law minerals is owned by Govt but landowner owns native resources and environment and native land

  3. Wesely

    “…………..Fijian’s oppose greedy miners………………..”
    Is the heading of this article not completely inane?
    So Fijian’s don’t oppose the other kind of Miner?
    You know, the ones who raise hundreds of millions of $ to develop resources in god forsaken places for the purpose of taking all the risk and giving it philanthropically to anyone who claims a rent?
    I guess that you favorite economic model, eh what Martyn?
    You know, the one used by Joseph Stalin?

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