Allegations of corruption within MCC offices in Madang

Senior Chinese managers working for MCC, the Chinese State owned company that operates the Ramu nickel mine in Papua New Guinea, have been accused of stealing funds allocated for local landowner associations.

Ten days ago, K1.006 million kina was transferred from the account of the Inland Pipeline Landowners Association to private bank accounts in China by the Chinese MCC staff who are the only signatories on the account.

Local landowners are apparently furious at the loss of the money.



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6 responses to “Allegations of corruption within MCC offices in Madang

  1. wesely

    More irrational unsubstatiated allegations from the mother of them all.
    Can we at least have some proven fact rather than this Big Brother approach to the “news”.

  2. wesely

    If the moneis have been stolen is it not corrected to have these mf’s executed, their families to pay for the ammunition.
    But even if this is the case the land owners will still collect their money.

  3. Ologist

    Stealing is a Crime… Prosicute this Aliens at the Highest Degree and deny them entry into the country forever.

  4. wesely

    You just can’t trust these type of people.
    They don’t understand the basics.

    And they should not be doing work that PNG nationals could do.

  5. Hawi

    kick those as***les out of the country.

  6. wesely

    If they are not prepared to be responsible transparent and honest corporate citizens they are asking for trouble.
    I have said it te and time again, but, this is what happens when politicians get involved in protecting corporations from the proper rules of governance.
    It will continue to manifest as conflict and eventualy, get on the nose to the point where the whole political deal will collapse.
    Then what?

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