Fiji’s Prime Minister cancels Newcrest exploration permit

Landholders in Fiji are celebrating tonight after their Prime Minister listened to their concerns and squashed SPL 1420 and instructed the Namosi Joint Venture owned by Newcrest Mining to rehabilitate their degraded environment.

The landholders say they will not be pushed into mining because they already have alternatives to mining.


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4 responses to “Fiji’s Prime Minister cancels Newcrest exploration permit

  1. wesely

    Good, end of debate.
    No mining in Fiji.

  2. wesely

    This is the way to go.
    Lets mark Fiji as a no go zone.
    These people don’t need anything but their land.
    Don’t pollute their minds with anything from the wider world.
    They are not yet ready for the 20th let alone the 21st century.
    They should be left to be, left in their communities, let them revert back to a life where there is no reliance on the outside world.
    A life without diesel powered engines, electricity, pumps, metal tools, mass produced building materials, technologies, contact with the outside world.
    No western medical services or education.
    No outboard motors, industrial cloths, televisions, radios, cars, trucks, or tractors.
    No foriegn aid, no preasure to change.
    These people are happy with their land and what they have.
    It is wrong to introduce change when clearly these communities want nothing but their subsitance life.
    This is the way to go.

    • Aporosa Nalawa.

      correction: The Namosi people have proposal for development but sustainable development. Do not comment if you do not know the real story.

  3. crystal

    What brave people!
    The minerals there will not run away, they can use it later if ever needed.
    That is truly a PM who listens to the concerns of his people.

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