Newcrest goes into public relations mode in New Ireland

Newcrest Mining Limited and the New Ireland Provincial Government yesterday announced the commencement of three key projects in New Ireland to improve community health, education facilities and infrastructure, reports The National.

The three high impact projects in New Ireland are to be funded by Newcrest Mining Limited in partnership with the Governor of New Ireland Sir Julius Chan.

Newcrest Mining Country Manager Peter Aitsi said the three agreed projects were the first of five to be funded by Newcrest.
“As a gesture of “good will” to the people of New Ireland, Newcrest is making available K2 million to fund high value impact projects which align with the New Ireland Provincial Government priority areas,” Mr Aitsi said.

“The funding for these projects is above and beyond the requirements within existing agreements, demonstrating Newcrest’s desire to engage in effective partnerships with its key stakeholders.”

The three projects are:

  • Funding for an additional doctor under the Australian Doctors International Memorandum of Agreement with the New Ireland Provincial Government (NIPG). This funding amounts to AUD$70,000 each year for three years or about K163,000 per year, or K490,000 over the three years.
  • Providing concrete surfacing over the Namatanai (Moronai) Bridge and associated embankment work. Project budget K400,000.
  • Connecting and commissioning an existing generator and undertaking reticulation of the power system to Namatanai High School. Project budget K300,000.

It was also agreed that Newcrest Mining Ltd technical staff would work with the Public Works New Ireland to fully assess the scope for the Namatanai Bridge and Namatanai High School projects as well as to reconfirm the budgets to complete the projects to the required specifications.

The Governor of New Ireland Province Sir Julius Chan, met with the new Country Manager for Newcrest Peter Aitsi last week after the adjournment of Parliament. Their discussions led to the first three projects being signed off. During the meeting Mr Aitsi reaffirmed Newcrest’s commitment to building a long and productive relationship with the NIPG.

Sir Julius in supporting the partnership said: “These projects indicate a new desire for a more cooperative platform between Newcrest and the New Ireland Provincial Government. The projects will positively impact the lives of the People of New Ireland Province and signal a renewal of the economic and commercial life of the Province”.

Newcrest operates the Lihir Gold Mine in the New Ireland Province.

“Getting agreement to commence three of the five projects is excellent news”, said Mr Aitsi. “Newcrest and NIPG through these projects will target important areas such as health, education and infrastructure.

This joint effort will see the conversion of our efforts into projects with meaningful impact.”

The remaining two projects will target the key area of health and are expected to be finalised soon.

New Ireland Provincial Government is one of the provincial governments that pays for education of its young citizens.



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3 responses to “Newcrest goes into public relations mode in New Ireland

  1. i will share it in my facebook
    very amazing
    I want to come to Irland

  2. wesely

    Why has it taken so long?
    These initiatives are, in the context of the project, good, but not impressive.
    Much more is needed.

  3. Bertsie

    Nice one! But why are we not using Department of Works?

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