Minister orders MCC to stop work at Ramu mine

The Minister for the Environment, Thompson Harokaqueh, has issued MCC with a stop work notice at its Ramu nickel mine over concerns about the construction of its 135km slurry pipeline.

The pipeline has been built unlawfully close to the main Madang Lae highway and already spills from the pipeline have caused temporary road closures.

There are also concerns about the shoddy construction of the pipeline which has already needed repair in several places.


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8 responses to “Minister orders MCC to stop work at Ramu mine

  1. Tato

    That is good news for the inhabitants and the travelling Public. Did travelled thru that section and 2009 and it was one of those mere substandard pipeline works that I’ve ever seen and gossiped of its possible consequences.Now am glad the minister has seen it for himself and please no double dipping on this fairly sensitive issue.

    • Aba damu

      This long overdue issue. The former environment minister benny allan pushed the new environmental law which caused outraged. New and current minister repealed that law, and to see him stopping the operation on the foreseeable risk associated to the slurry pipe line is applauded.
      The Madang’s works department civil engineers inclusive of now Raikos MP and Madang governor James Gau should have advised MCC at the initial stage of construction of the pipe line on the risk. James Gau failed to provide profesional advise at the time.
      Mark my work, nickel cobalt roasting plant engineering design is an hazard, hence posing risk to health of the operators.

      Thanks minister Tomo for using ministerial power to stop the operation to ensure complinace to already much critised environmental plan of the project.

  2. Ken the Miner

    I have heard on the grapevine that MCC are considering suing the Madang’s works department civil engineers for failure to provide profesional advise at the time, and the damages caused by this will be considerable.

  3. wesely

    Ken, one would expect that behind every disaster of this kind their is a public officer at fault

  4. Ken the Miner

    This whole fiasco has gone on too long, and now this!
    How do you expect people to do business in this country? You keep shifting the goal posts.
    The government must get it’s act together. PNG must first find the real legal governance of this country, an issue which is in hot dispute. Or have another election, which will drain public resources even further.
    After that we can all go forward.

  5. Ken the Miner

    As far as government control over the judiciary is concerned….. it is an absolute travesy on the road to tyranny per courtisy of the O’Niel faction, who seem to have hijacked the country.

  6. Matt the Miner

    Yes clearly its everyone’s fault except MCC’s…

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