Graphs show the dramatic plunge in Nautilus share value

Investors in Canadian miner Nautilus Minerals have seen their share values collapse as a result of its dispute with the Papua New Guinea government over experimental seabed mining plans.

Over the last three years Nautilus had bounced back from the Global Financial Crisis, but its share price never regained the heady heights of 2007:

This graph shows the month of May 2012 and the dramatic collapse:

This graph shows just the five days to June 2nd:

And here is the collapse almost minute by minute over a five hour period:

Shows what can happen to your savings when you invest in risky experimental seabed mining in a remote corner of the globe where local people think you should be experimenting in your own backyard!


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4 responses to “Graphs show the dramatic plunge in Nautilus share value

  1. Wesely

    Better to invest in the Solomons.

  2. Wesely

    Not because its sea mining although that does not help.
    But because the state chose to take a 30% stake in the project when they were advised not to.
    Here comes the litigation.

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  4. Wesely

    I’ve seen much worse for much less
    This is nothing really.

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