Govt still to give final approval to Nautilus seabed mine



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6 responses to “Govt still to give final approval to Nautilus seabed mine

  1. There will be 18 different locations to be mined (starting with Solwara 1) according to the technical report document “Mineral Resource Estimate Solwara Project, Bismarck Sea, PNG”. The project will be carried right throughout the Bismarck sea, and the region is a rich tuna hub and one of the very few on earth…I think people have the right to be emotional in this circumstance because of the uncertainty of its environmental effects. There is no real evidences (maybe only tests) of its effects, neither are there past records to prove that it is not a threat to the environment, nor can we claim it is a threat to the environment. So what is there that we can contemplate on to best address this? Well, if there is a daunting uncertainty of its safety, then why should we risk the life of our exotic marine species for quick cash? it is not worth it in the long run afterall…if we are passionate about sustaining our limited resources then we should not rush into an operation that has no track record of safety to the environment.

  2. logic not emotion

    There is some pretty compelling empirical evidence to suggest the impacts of mining will be negligible.
    There are active volcanoes on the seafloor in the region which have not in any way destroyed the fishing industry.
    The mining proposed is likely to be negligible in impact to that of the volcanoes.

    • would rather allow nature determine its own course than letting humans alter the course of nature…

      • Wesely

        Humans are as much part of nature as anything else nhate.
        You said nothing about the volcanoes, care to comment?

      • which is natural wesely; an undersea volcanoe errupting or humans sending sophisticated technological equipment underwater to dig up minerals? Humans are as much part of nature, yes thats true, but we tend to do things against nature and mining is one of the biggest unnatural actions. That is my point.

  3. At we follow Nautilus Minerals – here is a quote from our research – under “free stuff” on home page..


    A few months ago Nautilus Minerals appeared likely to become the first company to economically mine minerals from the ocean floor using underwater robotics. Water covers about 70% of the earth and millions of square miles. If Nautilus Minerals were successful, the opportunity would be enormous. We have been discussing our trades at since June when unfortunately, Nautilus Minerals got tangled up in a contractual disagreement with the State of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the stock got crushed – dropping from about $2.25 to 90c.

    The disagreement is now in arbitration in Sydney, Australia, and the parties are hopefully working through their differences. Management has stated their intentions are to work with PNG and to resolve any issues outside of the courts amicably…..

    Check us out for more…..

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