Nautilus losing the PR battle

While the rather hopeless public relations firm employed by prospective experimental seabed miner Nautilus Minerals is paying for expensive multi-page pullouts in the daily newspaper owned by notorious human rights abuser and illegal logger Rimbunan Hijau (see below), the people of Papua New Guinea are out on their street protesting against Nautilus’s mining plans.

Newspapers have a hopelessly low circulation in PNG – selling less than 30,000 copies a day in a nation of over 7 million people, and the National is well known for its pro-mining, pro-foreign ownership and unashamedly biased reporting and editorial coverage –  not the best place for Nautilus to be trying to win hearts and minds…



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2 responses to “Nautilus losing the PR battle

  1. If the 7 million PNG peoples had half a brain and actually read and did their own Due Dilligence on things of import, instead of being lead down the street by puppeteers, the nation as a whole would be much further along the road of human development.

  2. Bill Jenkins

    You know…perhaps its the folks writing this blog who are losing the PR battle given that many more Papua New Guineans read the Daily Log (The National) as well as the Post Courier than they do this blog site.

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