Nautilus needs to provide the details not empty promises

Nautilus is happy to talk vaguely about the royalties, taxes and jobs that its proposed experimental seabed mine will supposedly bring to PNG – but is very short on the details.

Come on Nautilus, don’t treat us like fools, please tell us:

  1. What is the full market value of the minerals and metals you want to take from PNG ?
  2. How much tax will you pay in PNG ?
  3. How much will you pay in royalties ?
  4. How many Papua New Guineans will you employ ?
  5. Who are the independent scientists who you have not funded who endorse your environmental plan ?

We are fed up with you vague promises….



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5 responses to “Nautilus needs to provide the details not empty promises

  1. Wesely

    Your asking the wrong people.
    How do we know the answer to those questions, so please, don’t bother us with this silliness.
    Go and ask Mel Togolo and when you have done that come back and tell us what you found out.

  2. Bush kanaka mangi

    Why are our leaders letting foreign owned mining houses coming here and telling us lies and filling the pockets of our greedy leaders and doing things for the short term.

    All politicians think of socio economic benefits only for 5 years and donot think beyond that, whilst our people are more worried about their environment and long term livelihood.

    I think it’s about time we stand up in all provinces and say no, no, no after three times of saying no and if our political leaders are not responding positively, it’s time to assassinate our own leaders and take up arms against the miners and loggers and greedy foreign developers coming here in the name of development but only to rob us and spoil our environment.

    Pert WA

    • papson

      I for one support you and we really have to show the Government ..WHAT PEOPLE’S POWER IS !!! I predict we will rise against our Govt no long ..Stop all future minings and concerntrate with what we have now and save our Environment for the future..

  3. Unfourtunatetly due to the PNG dispute, the PNG Government has put a gag order on Nautilus from speaking about certain things.

  4. samson

    Not many comments here these days. People seem to have looked straight through this sideshow and don’t care any more about the misinformation posted here.

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