Deputy governor joins chorus of opposition to experimental seabed mining

A stand on seabed mine

Grace Tiden | Post Courier 

East New Britain Deputy Governor Boniface Setavo is pleased that the Governor of the province, Ereman Tobaining Junior, has finally given the position of his government over the sea bed mining project.

And he is now calling on the governors and members of parliament of the other New Guinea Island provinces to be collective in their decisions in supporting the calls by New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan and ENB Governor Mr Tobaining.

“I join the hearty chorus of Melanesians in calling on the National Government to seriously consider the views of our informed governors and that of others nationwide to stay the sea bed mining project until comprehensive deliberation of credible and neutral scientists have concluded a mining statement,” he said.

Mr Setavo, who is also the President of the Sinivit Local Level Government and Chairman of Lands and Mining in the ENBP Assembly, said it was delightful to know that a lot of PNG leaders, non-government organisations, churches, academics, environmentalists and the majority of the people whose lives depend on marine resources have constantly objected to such exploitation of minerals on the sea floor.

“I appreciate and congratulate the students of the University of Natural Resources and Environment for representing the intellectual youths and leaders of tomorrow and the silent rural majority in your petition to relevant stakeholders including Nautilus to reconsider,” he said.

Mr Setavo said the decision by the National Government, through the Minister for Environment and Conservation John Pundari for scientists to debate the environmental effects was commendable.


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2 responses to “Deputy governor joins chorus of opposition to experimental seabed mining

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  2. I do suggest that the sea bed mining should be placed on hold and more research and visibility study should take place before proceed.

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