To meet in Sydney is crucial

Klareh | ACT NOW!

The Sydney Hilton

I am officially enlightened today! All thanks to the report titled ‘Chamber: Sydney Meet Crucial’ in The National Newspaper by Malum Nalu highlighting why the 2012 PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum Investment Conference can only be held at the Sydney Hilton.

The conference must happen overseas because 1) Foreign Business Investment can only be encouraged by holding ‘First Class International Conferences’ in overseas ‘First Class Hotels’ (preferably in Australia) and 2) The Hospitality Industry in PNG does not have the capacity to provide a ‘First Class Conference’ like the Sydney Hilton does and the only other consideration in PNG would have been the Gateway Hotel because The Grand Papua, The Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn and Airways are just…chopped liver!

Oh yeah and 3) Networking best happens when you GO to people and meet them, not by inviting and enticing people to come to you.

Never mind that PNG and Australia have completely different (and at times opposing) business, political and diplomatic dynamics with different nations! That doesn’t matter! All the ‘first class’ investment partners, banks and superannuation funds frequent Sydney and that’s all that matters.

I am so glad that I have that cleared.

Now I am aware how inexperienced, inferior, incapable not to mention unattractive PNG is compared to other ‘first class’ nations NOT TO MENTION how little the actual minerals and petroleum resources are worth!

Is this a case of ‘finally taking the rosy-coloured glasses off’ or is it just the twisted, money-hungry, prejudice logic of non-Papua New Guineans?

Yu yet skelim….


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3 responses to “To meet in Sydney is crucial

  1. Wesely

    Yes, there is very little by way of first class/decent accommodation in PNG. Indeed, it is far easier to bring the conference to Australia from PNG.
    Why waste all that money flying people to PNG on congested air services to stay in over rated second class hotels like the Gateway, Grand Papua, Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn or Airways in a dangerous poorly catered for capital with no transport facilities when Sydney, a truly international business capital and gateway is right next door.
    Klareh is just going to have to suck it all in…………………… and get that big chip right off her shoulder.

  2. j kross

    Skelim what? This conference happens between POM and Sydney, both hosting it in alternate years. It has nothing to do with PNG being unattractive.

    Wait for them in POM when it comes there in 2013.

  3. Wesely

    j kross
    yes, it is amazing how some people seek an avenue to complain about their ‘hurt’ feelings.
    For all of you out there on te streets of Morseby with hurt feelings about the conference in Sydney, I dedicate this one for you………..

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