Australia warned to stay out of Bougainville affairs


Former Bougainville Revolutionary Army commander Sam Kaona has warned Australia not to meddle in Bougainville affairs.

He said the first policy draft on mining in Bougainville was no different from the colonial policy that caused the crisis.

“The Australians have taken control of mining policy in Buka and the first policy draft by ABG legal unit headed by Tony Regan is no different from the previous policy,” Kaona, who is chairman of the recently formed Bougainville Resources Owners Representative Council, said.

He added that the proposed policy, sponsored by AusAID and drafted by Regan, risked Bougainville’s first constitutional crisis.

“Since the constitution is the supreme law of Bougainville, section 23 of the Bougainville constitution, which restores ownership of resources on Bougainville to the customary landowners, is the only option that is constitutionally legal.

“So any attempt to impose any other resource ownership system would be invalid and ineffective – they are risking a constitutional crisis.”

Resources rights activist Simon Ekanda shared similar sentiments.

“Bougainville mining policy does not belong to Regan, BCL (Bougainville Copper Ltd) or the Australians, it belongs to the resource owners and the people of Bougainville.

“This is to be a Bougainville mining policy written by Bougainvilleans in Bougainville for the Bougainville resource owners and people.


Section 23 of the Bougainville constitution returning the resource ownership to the customary landowners is to be the foundation of that policy.

“Let me be absolutely clear – there will be no compromise on this.

“The Panguna landowners must determine that their interests will be best served by securing a special mining lease over their resource and then to entertain qualified mining companies with the view to putting Panguna back into production.

He also cautioned ABG President John Momis to be careful with the new mining policy.

“Both PNG and Bougainvilleans have died and it is unwise if Momis allows colonial administrators to rewrite Bougainville mining laws.”.


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6 responses to “Australia warned to stay out of Bougainville affairs

  1. papson

    Yep, Sam Kaona and Simon , i support what was shared and Bouganvillians to draft their mining Laws to benefit with their own resources and need not someone from outside to change the policy as stated.

    Keep up the good work Sam and your people and Landowners will benefit.

  2. Such beautiful country, shame all this is happening.

  3. Wesely

    there will be another war.

  4. nationalist

    As long as the Kangaroos of Australia play against Buka Cowboys, the winner is known before kick off. What I’m saying is, unless we engage quality, highly qualified, skilled negotiators on behalf of our resource owners, we will always loss. It may look like on the surface we have won but my observation from when BCL began till present, is we are on the loosing side. How can Harvard type graduates and experiences loose when battling against UPNG kind. We may know of calculus in mathematics but they come with being the end users of calculus in inventions. I would therefore encourage the old timers still in positions of power to seek out quality negotiators if the copper mine was to reopen. The alternative is to enjoy loosing.

    Sam Kaona and Simon Ekanda, you are totally supported by 99% of Papua New Guineas, the 1% is the greedy, visionless, heartless, “yes master” types who are totally ignorant of the real world of PNG,it’s culture, it’s people…

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