CLRC asks: ‘Should river and marine tailings dumping be banned?’

PNG to canvass views for mine tailings law

Radio New Zealand

Officials from Papua New Guinea’s Constitutional and Law Reform Commission will be interviewing people most affected by the practise of marine disposal of mine tailings in order to help formulate a law.

Despite ongoing calls from locals to regulate the practice, PNG still has no law on mine tailings.

The commission is still reviewing environment and mining laws, but its secretary Dr Eric Kwa says it also wants to prioritise consultations with communities near various mining sites.

“Two of the questions that we are asking is that the first one is should mine waste tailing into the river system be banned in Papua New Guinea. And the other one is should mine tailings dumping in the sea be banned. So those are straight forward questions that we’re after. So it’s a bit of a challenge for us, but we’ll get there somehow.”


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2 responses to “CLRC asks: ‘Should river and marine tailings dumping be banned?’

  1. Henry Malawa

    For the silent majority please could it be a top priority to formulate that regulation and done with then we can now have something to guide the future of our nation diverse culture and environment.

  2. Lagani

    Great idea do get the ordinary citizens views how they feel about their sea and water. We are stewards to have dominion over ourt environment. Many a times top brains formulate and push the laws to be accepted by ordinary citizens whithout their views.

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