Bougainville Mining forum updates leaders

Winterford Toreas | Post Courier

THE 2nd regional forum concerning the possible reopening of the Panguna Mine in Central Bougainville is currently underway at the Hutjena Secondary School Hall in Buka.

The forum, which was officially opened by the ABG President Chief Dr John Momis was attended by participants from the four districts of Selau/Suir, Tinputz, Kunua and Torokina Districts in Bougainville.

ABG Ministers Michael Oni (Mining), Rev. Joseph Nopei (LLG and Media Communications) and constituency members from the above four districts were also present during the forum.

The forum started on Monday and ended yesterday, and is aimed at engaging and updating various stakeholders and the wider community in the above districts on the progress of preparing the ABG and the landowners to participate in negotiations.

This forum will also be used to gauge the views of people in these four districts regarding the possible reopening of the Panguna Mine.

Before officially opening the forum, Mr Momis said many people always get worried about the outcomes, without thinking about the process to achieve these outcomes.

“When people are worried about the outcome, I say to them ‘do not worry about the outcome, worry about the process.’ Get the process right and the outcome will be delivered,” Mr Momis said.

Mr Momis also pointed out during his speech some of the decisions and processes which had led to the outbreak of the Bougainville crisis, saying that if there were proper consultations with the landowners and the wider communities this crisis would not have happened. He then said that the reopening of the mine would successfully take place following  proper consultations being carried out.

The President also added that the ABG believes in consultative and conceptual approaches to
decision making between the landowners, and stakeholders and the ABG.

The forum is spearheaded by the Office of the Director for Panguna Negotiations and will be facilitated by the ABG Mining Department, Division of Law and Justice and the Office of Panguna Negotiations.

The first regional forum was held in November last year and was attended by various stakeholders from Buka, Nissan and the  Atolls districts in North Bougainville.

Many of those that attended the first forum had expressed that they supported the idea of re-opening the Panguna Mine. This was because they saw that once the mine is reopened, it will help generate revenue for Bougainville.

Consultations with the mine affected and impacted landowners and other stakeholders like the former combatants have also been completed.


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2 responses to “Bougainville Mining forum updates leaders

  1. nationalist

    As long as the Kangaroos of Australia play against Buka Cowboys, the winner is known before kick off. What I’m saying is, unless we engage quality, highly qualified, skilled negotiators on behalf of our resource owners, we will always loss. It may look like on the surface we have won but my observation from when BCL began till present, is we are on the loosing side. How can Harvard type graduates and experiences loose when battling against UPNG kind. We may know of calculus in mathematics but they come with being the end users of calculus in inventions. I would therefore encourage the old timers still in positions of power to seek out quality negotiators if the copper mine was to reopen. The alternative is to enjoy loosing. .

  2. Wesely

    Actually, if you have not yet worked out that BCL is managed out of the UK and not Australia how can you possibly expect to make progress.
    And how did the debate get to this?
    You need to properly understand what your dealing with.
    As astarting point, Bougainville has to go through a process of internal reconcilliation which it has not yet done.
    Its not ready and it will take at least another generation befor the island will be socially stable enough to accomodate dealings with the outside.
    Otherwise, the Island and its people will be again corrupted .

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