Greater suspicions on MCC’s activities

Arnold Jameson

ramu_waterThe PNG Government and the Chinese-owned Ramu Nickel Mine hasn’t come out clear regarding allegations by the Madang people that the MCC is conducting other activities, apart from mining nickel and cobalt.

Everyone knows now that the company’s onto chromite, that wasn’t part of the deal after their (MCC’s) government counterpart, the Madang Governor, James Gau came out on papers crying over why the MCC plans to use the Lae Port instead of the Madang Port to ship chromite.

With this report on Gau having confirmed suspicions regarding chromite, everyone believes all the other rumors are true. While the gossip is hot, a photograph of the label on the water bottles that Ramu NiCo’s bottling up from the Madang peoples’ Fresh Water and exporting gets leaked onto the internet is being shared all over facebook and twitter.

It is likely that the MCC company, that’s already started dumping tonnes of the 100millions tonnes of waste that it will be dumping into the sea, is actually doing everything that the people say its doing. Greater suspicions of far worse activities by this Chinese-owned company is now hitting the streets of Madang.

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