PNG mining jobs to be taken by Fijians

Labour Ministry to scrutinize PNG job recruitment

Mika Loga | Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

Labour Minister Jone Usamate says, his Ministry will thoroughly scrutinize proposals for job recruitments to Papua New Guinea.

The Fiji Trade Mission to PNG last week has opened the doors for job opportunities in the country especially in the mining sector.

Usamate says, government had sent travel agencies to PNG to gauge the opportunities available in the country and are to present proposals upon their return.

The Labour Minister says, the agencies are registered with government.

FBC News understands landowner companies who own mines in PNG have expressed interest in employing locals as office workers, security gaurds and mine workers.

Ministry to ensure protection of workers

Tevita Vuibau | Fiji Times

THE Ministry of Labour is working to ensure the rights and welfare of workers moving under the Melanesian Spearhead Group Skills Movement Scheme are protected.

Speaking at the 2013 World OHS Day Celebrations in Suva, Minister for Labour Jone Usamate said there were many opportunities for employment in MSG countries under the scheme.

“Skills movement for instance — Papua New Guinea has got a lot of openings with the Liquefied Natural Gas and the minerals industry there and in fact that there is also jobs for security,” Mr Usamate said.

“The role of my ministry is to ensure that if people are sent across to another country to work that they are not exploited.”

Mr Usamate said that one of the recruitment agencies was currently in PNG to scope out the job situation.

“They are there to make sure that if we send people, they are well looked after.”

He said the ministry had a responsibility to Fijian workers.


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2 responses to “PNG mining jobs to be taken by Fijians

  1. Is there any recruiting agency?

  2. Is this for real, are the Fijians going to be recruited fro the mining jobs in PNG? If it is real, can I have an email address that I can forward my resume to?

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