Should Africa be looking to PNG for advice on managing its mining sector?

Business Advisor calls on Africa to ensure effective resource management

Ghana Business News | GNA

Mr Peter Okwechime, a Business Adviser on Monday observed that Africa can boast of enough natural resources to create wealth and improve the livelihood of its people. He said the problem, however is lack of effective and efficient management.

Mr Okwechime, Business Adviser to the Government of Papua New Guinea said leaders need efficient and effective planning with appropriate consultation with the grassroots as well as modern innovation skills  to turn the fortunes of the continent around.

He made the observation in an interview with Ghana News Agency  at the on-going World Indigenous Network (WIN) conference.

The event being attended by about 1,500 delegates from more than 50 countries including Ghana is a platform to share stories, knowledge, cultural experiences and ideas on how to better manage ecosystems, protect the environment and support sustainable livelihoods.

WIN seeks to improve on the conservation of biological diversity and the sustainable use of natural resources, improve social cohesion and increase economic opportunities and alleviate poverty.

Mr Okwechime said the continent is blessed with forest reserve and beautiful water bodies, which should be harnessed through effective management to generate revenue and reduce poverty.

He suggested a paradigm shift from a continent noted for conflict, mismanagement, selfishness and greed to a new Africa with hope, creativity, patriotism and love for nature.

“Africans especially the leaders must now think and work hard for the development of their … countries rather than their personal gains,” he said.

Mr Okwechime called on the African delegates not to keep to themselves but interact  with their colleagues to help conserve and manage natural resources and also strength the WIN.


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