Port Moresby Bougainville Association to host Bougainville Day Seminar at Gateway Hotel

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The Port Moresby Bougainville Association Inc. (PBA) will host the Bougainville Day Seminar on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th August at the Gateway Hotel.

The seminar will include presentations from both international and local experts who have profound knowledge and experience in the Bougainville peace agreement- a very effective resolution that ended the 10 year giant gold-copper Panguna mine crisis.

Speakers will include economics professor Dr Satish Chand (NSW); award winning peace advocator Sr. Lorraine Garasu; Agriculture Consultant Dr Sam Lahis; Anthony Reagan and other professionals who will share insights on significant issues in Bougainville.

Topics will highlight on the economic status of Bougainville; mining; agriculture as a sustainable income generating venture; the obligations of United Nation and other organisations that continually play an important role in Bougainville. The theme of the seminar is “Sustainability of Bougainville and the way forward.”

It will involve a lot of discussions and debates that are healthy and provides a platform for every Bougainvillean and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ABG), in their preparation for the 2015 independence referendum. The seminar is free and open to every Bougainvillean, friends and visitors to Port Moresby and will expect about 500 participants both employed and unemployed. It is the second seminar held by PBA Inc.

Organiser of the seminar, PBA Inc raised funds through the Bougainville day celebrations to assist in planning and co-ordinating the forum and acknowledged major sponsors such as PNG Ports, PNG Power Ltd, MRDC, Petromin Ltd and a major sponsor who wish to remain anonymous. The ABG also provided some financial assistance.
The Port Moresby Bougainville based Association Inc is led by Paul Nerau as President, Bruce Mallar as Vice President, Salome Rihatta as Secretary and Brian Semoso as Treasurer. They are the new executives that were voted on board by members at a Special General Meeting (SGM) held last week Sunday. They replace the former president Mrs Cecelia Kenevi and vice president Mr Peter Pinoko while Ms Rihatta maintains the secretary’s position.

The seminar is the second part of the June 15th ABG Bougainville Day celebrations. It is part of PBA Inc’s awareness drive on better informing and educating the public about the peace process and finding solutions and recommendations that is resourceful to the sustainability of Bougainville into the future.
PBA Inc. is a non-profit organisation that acts as an independent body that is not influenced by the government or ABG but strives to support initiatives that harness peace and unity through awareness.

The association works in partnership with the UPNG Bougainville Students Association (UPNG BSA), Don Bosco Technical Institute (DBTI BSA), Don Bosco Technical Secondary School (DBTSS BSA), other Tertiary and Secondary Institutions and other Bougainville Associations in and around NCD. PBA Inc believes in equipping youths and other Bougainvilleans to become future leaders for Bougainville.


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2 responses to “Port Moresby Bougainville Association to host Bougainville Day Seminar at Gateway Hotel

  1. lunging m

    My goodness, some of these names have been there from the beginning, helped themselves many times over and now trying to be good boys. Really I hope it’s for the people rather than a way to crawl back to fill their own pockets when and if mine opens again.

  2. pkay

    The real value of getting together in organized seminars or meetings like this is to learn from each other; share information and given the currency and seriousness of many issues on B’ville occasions like this provides a barometer for Bougainvilleans away from home to share and air their views. There is so much we all read in the papers, see on TV screens and catch in a host of different blogs. I think the Seminar in Port Moresby is a fillip for many outside Bougainville to inform themselves on many of the issues that affect, afflict and influence where exactly we might be heading. For many of us it is a timely opportunity and avenue to talk to people to talk to people to talk to other people. Go listen, ask questions, discuss, provide a critique. May be give ’em heaps.
    And my goodness, everyone has the right to redeem themselves! Metamorphosis is an amazing process when human beings find the moral desire to get out of the pits, the gullies and the hell-holes in our wretched existence wherever we are.

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