Why terminate local workers and hire expats for OTML?

The National aka The Loggers Times

I WRITE on behalf of national employees of Ok Tedi Mining Ltd (OTML) affected  by  the mass redundancy happening within the company.

It is understandable that low metal prices have caused the company to cut down its workforce.

But what is confusing is while positions previously held by national employees are being made redundant, expatriates are flogging into the company, some whom are very old and do not even look physically fit to work.

Does the immigration and labour department know about this?

What is the retirement age for these expatriates to work in the country?

We have graduate engineers and qualified trades personnel who have been asked to resign, but these expatriates are being hired.

To me, this does not reflect OTML’s slogan, “Building Our Future”.

I call  on Mining Minister  Byron Chan to bring this up  in parliament.

This is our country and we cannot sit and watch these expatriates come and take our jobs.

Petitions have been written and given to our local members and the prime minister, but they seem to be ignored.

Since the government now wants to fully own the company, can the prime minister and his cabinet address this issue?



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3 responses to “Why terminate local workers and hire expats for OTML?

  1. For PNG

    It is a surprise that you OTML employees have just realised how your jobs have been taken away from you all this time. With all the industrial actions you have staged, why did you not ask the homosexual HR executive there Brad McMahon why his biscuit Troy Birthisel applied 3 times and failed to become Safety manager and finally after kissing Parker’s arse, he got the job? Why did you not ask why an old kiap Jeff Ransley who cannot no longer walk to villages let alone travel to PoM to visit government officers still still holding onto a senior role. His wife said if he was to leave Ok Tedi, he would be pushing a lawn mower for a living. Right now OTML is paying him over 200,000 AUD? How about the retired useless cop from Queensland Trevor Green, who first came to work for Eurest as a chef and then using his Eurest visa jumped onto the OTML payroll first as a contractor and then as an Exe Manager?

    Nigel Parker gave all his white friends Executive managers as titles and after the government take over, the shit head got scared and reverted all their titles to managers, but the pay is still up there over the 2,3,4 hundred thousand dollar mark. We PNG people have ourselves to blame. Get rid of McMahon, Musje the refugee Werror and Nigel Parker now. OTML is now a PNG company, not an Aussie one.

  2. lunging m

    This is the real world of white domination. Sorry you have to continue to be slaves in your own home. This obviously happens everywhere. We have to put up with so much crab unless smoke filled talkers at Waigani get educated to reality and act on our people’s behalf but I know they won’t. Sorry for those of you affected.

  3. For PNG

    Totally true. The qualifications we have in PNG mean nothing to expats. So we go to Australia to get an international qualification and return to PNG to help upskill our country. However, white companies such as Barrick and ExxonMobil still prefer employees with white skin, some of whom have got nothing but a kiap qualification from the dinosaur age and who cannot get jobs back at home, but are still hanging on up here.Wow, what a discrimination against us in our own homeland!!!!!

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