Bougainville: The people, land and river

Mekamui News

The People, land and river of Panguna and Mekamui have been robbed and poisoned for money in the name of development and improving living standard.



People and children swim on it gets this.




Even though the river is poison the people and children takes the risk for the sake of money, which is their main income.



The Government should come in and assist the people in setting up small melt and Essay factory or Gold processing centre in-order to avoid people using dangerous chemicals such as mercury.



The track people follow from Pirurari village and downstream Jaba river villages when going to Panguna and back.





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3 responses to “Bougainville: The people, land and river

  1. For PNG

    I wonder if Ok Tedi mine has done the damage to the Ok Tedi and Fly Rivers? People of the Fly, are you waiting until you find fish floating belly up in the river or are you going to start asking the serious questions now about the real damage that has happened to your environment. How much mercury, lead, aluminium, copper etc do you have in your blood and is the compensation you are getting worth the long term (200-300 years +) damage the mine has done to you today and generations to come. The government and the expatriates working at the mine are making the real money, not you landowners and the impacted communities. You are sadly fooled. Sori long yupela and May God reveal the truth to you very soon.

  2. Hi PNG Government?

    You a most greedy whereever the mining areas are for your own benefit.

    Can you settle down & look carefully on this Picturs of these people while they are suffering & struggling when you ministers live luxuary lives>

    Big shame on you guys.

    Are you concerntrating to this peolpe or not?

    Concern Papua Guinean.

  3. You are fait concern country man, in 2012 I traveled down fly river filming and saw the effects from the OK and how our people live when arrived in Pom I thought about the people when I was told this and that belongs to the so and so leaders.. They are living in the sky with that money comes from mining etc when the people live in tons of waste and environment destroy.

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