Fiji: $20m bauxite site

Serafina Silaitoga | The Fiji Times

ANOTHER bauxite area has been identified in the province of Macuata and talks have started with landowners.

If successful, Aurum Exploration (Fiji) Ltd plans to begin work at the new site this year.

Company director Sang Lei said it would cost them about $20million ($US10m) to build the site at Dreketi.

He confirmed the landowners were consulted together with the Mineral Resources Department.

“We have started talking with landowners and we are continuing with discussions, making sure they fully understand and know what bauxite mining is about,” Mr Lei said.

“We want the landowners to have a lot of time to think about their decisions and come to an agreement.

“So far we are happy with discussions and glad that the landowners are agreeing to talk with us.”

Mr Lei said the landowners had also visited the mine site at Nawailevu in Bua.

“The visit is to help them understand more about bauxite mining and the processes involved.

“It is very important for us to show them all the processes involved with bauxite mining. This will also bring benefits to the villagers and landowners.

“Employment opportunities are also being created for the villagers and we always make sure they receive some form of assistance.”

The relationship with the landowners and communities, Mr Lei said, was positive.

“The government and the people have been supportive and our work has been made easy with the kind of co-operation from the locals.”

The team from the bauxite company will meet this afternoon with landowners at the Nabiti Village hall.


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