Kainantu LO’s calls on mining Minister to address issue

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The Landowners of the Kainantu Gold Mine project area has called on the Mining Minster Byron Chan and Wera Mori to address issues in the project.

A dominant landowner clan Koyafute complained of the unexplained mine closure in 2009 which caused secvere damages violating Mining Act and natural law.

Koyafute clan spokesperson Bernard Kelonti, who has been involved directly throughout the Mine Progress from development forum in 2002, said that all lease renewals to Barrick be suspended until and unless issues are investigated and proven to be allegations or substantive materials.

The call to the Mining minister is to address these issues of landowner 5 percent share equity, HPL sales of Kainantu Gold Mine, Special Land Titles Commission Hearing Appeal, Alleged write – off of the Mine and the Kora Landslip issue.

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