3 more arrested in Ramu mine fiasco


Bustin Anzu | PNG Loop

Three more landowners have been arrested and charged by Madang police in relation to the destruction and damages at Ramu Nickle mine site at Kurumbukari.

This recent arrest brings the number of suspects to seven so far.

All the suspects including an expatriate of Asian origin were charged with malicious damages.

Four suspects were arrested and charged last month and the other three were picked up early this month.

Police are still continuing investigations into the million kina destruction at Kurumbukari mine site in Madang following a rampage by traditional landowners.

It was reported that the landowners had some disagreement with the management of the company involved in the mining activity in the area.

It was alleged that the company failed to honour its commitment in awarding contracts and employment opportunities to the landowners as per a Memorandum of Understanding.

This led to company properties including equipment worth more than K5 million severely damaged by the disgruntled locals.

The suspects have appeared before the Madang District Court and were committed to stand trial in the Committal Court next year.

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