The Draft Bougainville Mining Legislation

Mining Act ASI

For those who want to read the entire Bougainville mining legislation, drafted by British company Adam Smith International (and funded by the World Bank), here are the pdf files:

Bougainville Mining Law  [2mb]

Bougainville Mining Regulations [2mb]

For a summary of the key provisions see this previous post.



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4 responses to “The Draft Bougainville Mining Legislation

  1. Mycall Essam

    I can’t download… The PDF file is not opening… Can someone help?


  2. Dansi

    The draft was delivered to the ABG in November – why is it that it took this long for a freely available form to become available on the internet … and why is it that public documents only come out if published by activists and bloggers?

    People were told by the ABG to come to Buka with a pendrive if we wanted a copy – which is another way of denying access without saying ‘no’.

    The ABG has a social media site and a website, why cant it use these facilities to share vital documents that the public must have access to?

    Also many of our people do not speak the language of those who drafted this legislation all the way in Britain at Adam Smith International headquarters, it is important that legislation is published in Tok Pisin so it can be printed and shared with communities so they can independently assess whether this British corporation with strong links to the mining industry has actually drafted a law that protects their interests and land.

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