Embattled Chinese mining company praises police efforts

Police mobile squad still at the Ramu mine guarding Chinese staff and assets

ramu nickel police

Bustin Anzu | PNG  Loop

Mining company Ramu Nickel has praised police in their area.

Their appreciation was relayed through Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Momase, Chief Superintendent Nema Mondiai.

Mondiai, as part of his festive season operations, visited Ramu Nickel mine site at Kurumbukari on New Year’s eve.

Mondiai said the management had commended the police presence in their area, especially Mobile Squad 15 from Bulolo in Morobe Province.

Police were sent to the mine site after the destruction of company properties valued at millions of kina.

“The Ramu Nickel management has praised police for the presence of police in providing the much needed support,” Mondiai told PNG Loop.

The commander said this is good news for police as they strive to police the region.

The commander chatted with MS 15 members on location and commended them for the good public relationship they had established with the company.

He said they also assisted the investigators to catch the prime suspects in the recent destruction of company properties.

So far, eight suspects including a foreigner of Asian origin have been charged.

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