Belkol to repay Panguna Landowner Association’s debt

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Nikanna Kaansi | ACT NOW!

Over the four years of operation Panguna Land Owner Association have used up an undisclosed sum numbering in the millions. Awareness, consultations, forums and parties were all funded by Bougainville Copper Limited’s Belkol funds. The special agreement made was debts created by Panguna Landowners Associations will be repaid using the promised Belkol funds.

According to one of the Special Mine Lease Area association’s technical advisors, there is no hope in the upcoming Belkol payment. People should not have high expectations because all the funding sources running the associations is from BCL itself.

High rates of allowances paid to the associations have exhausted the funds. As said in meeting Belkol dues in March 2015 and celebrations will be held in all areas. However, payments will not be done as it has already been exhausted by minority.

The Bougainville people are now expected to save the minority by observing the Belkol ceremony. The landowner association are put at the desperate position by the company BCL. It was the company said to be the devil they knew well.

Bougainville Copper Limited has used Bougainvilleans to sell Bougainville people. Now they are asked to observe the day which comes with nothing but dignitaries from the company and the Australian Government’s Foreign Affairs Office.

The associations’ security in Central and South Bougainville depend entirely on how the people they represent will turn up. These associations have capitalized so much on the people who have suffered the war on Bougainville. Selling out of Bougainville to the people who we chased out of the island depends on the people.

Sadly Bougainville People are waiting to celebrate the receipt of Belkol funds exhausted by the people who said to represent their people on the negotiation table. The payments done to the people was in a form of cheap freezer goods of chicken and sausages eaten by the people in the consultations organized by the association.

The current situation on Bougainville shows how cheap Bougainville has been portrayed by none other than the representatives of the Landowner Associations and their puppet counterparts in ABG. Sadly, they are not honest enough to tell their people about this.



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4 responses to “Belkol to repay Panguna Landowner Association’s debt

  1. Jon aungee

    this is a sad and misreporting of what is actually happening. please provide evidence of BCL funding the bel kol meetings, and as we know on bougainville, according to awareness, there are no bel kol payment involved, as against what you are reporting. but compensation issues will be part of the negotiation process . you are misreporting a sensitive issue, that bougainvilleans themselves are trying the utmost to find solutions to. Bougainvilleans must first try to find a satisfactory settlement with BCL of all the ills that has happened and BCL are willing to negotiate a setttlement (there is nothing wrong with this commitment of parties so far). the issue of re-opening the mine is miles and miles away. maybe the mine will never be reopened. Even to close the mine, bougainvileans must negotiate with BCL for mine closer.

  2. Dansi

    Nothing misreported here. We know that the new landowners association set up to reopen the mine was lobbying BCL for cash. We also know they received cash from BCL’s shareholder’s association.

    The bank transfer statements were made available for all to see:

    Of course all this money was to facilitate ‘reconciliation’ and the reopening, but where are the records of account? It was eaten.

    A lot of money is being eaten by a minority elite in town telling the world the mine will be reopened. They were the same ones in the 1980s getting fat while the rest suffered. Now they want to get fat again. No way.

  3. Donato

    Again, a lot of obvious carelessness with the truth. The cash transfer mentioned is to an individual who at the time was residing and working in port moresby – the rest of the panguna landowners did not even know about it. Can’t you buggers get anything right? Providing links to verify your assertions does not prove anything. It’s laughable. This is all careless misreporting, and abysmal misinformation. Thank heavens the majority of Bvileans don’t read this.

    If you want facts and figures and the real truth, why don’t you contact ABG, or more specifically ABG Mining Department. Or if you want to be really really specific, contact the Director of Office of Panguna Negotiations. He’ll give it to you facts, warts and all.

    And stop playing the man, just deal with the comments and facts.

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